Two Paths


There are only two paths on this journey:  Love and Fear.

The path of Fear is marked with a sign that reads, “This way is safest.”

But when you reach the end of that path there is a giant billboard that announces:


And then it gets very, very dark.

The path of love is not so easy to find.  I’ve missed it many times.  It does not advertise itself but your heart, as a compass, lets you know when you are going the right direction.

No matter how far you’ve traveled in Fear, Love is worth turning back for.  The way is narrow and winding.  Often the traveler is not able to see what lies ahead on the path of Love.  Each bend in the road will appear as a dead end but you must continue by faith.

I haven’t reached the end of Love’s road yet but I have been told that if you stay the course it will bring you to a clearing and the view from there is worth every weary mile.

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