The Chosen Rose


come into my garden” at dusk she whispers

fervent twilight prayers moves tenderly

through gates of steel takes his hand in hers


upon smooth stones with bare feet tread

softly down the perfumed path amongst

blossoms radiant white and glowing crimson red


would you choose one?” she bids him seek

his fingers graze silken petals growing blushed

dew drop tear bejewels her wondering cheek


chosen rose he longs to hold her gently clasps

whence pierced by beauties thorns withdraws

open palm from stabbing pain involuntarily gasps


doleful gaze beckons he follow further still

beyond the bed of roses into an orchard fair

wiser for his wounds and yet she captivates his will


beneath the weighted boughs of fruit abundant sweet

branches break with harvest ripe remaining out of reach

stirs desire to pluck and taste what neither dares to eat


in fullness life expectancy “is it good?” she breathes

nectar from her lips first kiss his heart lies siege

allure of joy transcendent hunger fruitfulness intrigues


sudden ache as he recalls the garden of the first

where banished two share fruit forbidden and he toils

for it is written “all your days the ground is cursed”


darkness falls covers all with the shade of night

song of dove floats on chill breeze trembling damp

blades of dew drenched grass shine in pale moon light


naught shall be their reprieve from heat of fiery needs

her rescue and his burning thirst drive them to the deep

heart of secret garden to a cistern where she pleads


will you remove this seal?” haunting pools in her eyes

danger cracks precious pride with task he should not risk

from covered well echo sounds of distant child’s cries


wavers he upon that place casting glance toward open gate

to break the seal might save the child who mourns within the pit

thirst once slaked the stone removed would still seal his fate


for beauty would I dare to bleed and mystery never cease

to labor though my life in ardent sweat be steeped

nor from this battle shall I flee while tears ravage they peace


yet should I open now this well pursue the one that’s lost

my thirst abated too therein but sadly ne’er return again

what would you that I do for you at such a grievous cost?


for lest our love in Eden grew it simply can not be

that blood nor sweat nor tears would cease

nor set the garden of they heart from thorns and toil free


many years I’ve wandered in this garden questioning

was this place not glorious and worthy of inhabiting and

asked I not for anyone to banish pain or wholeness bring


others too have come and gone their absence still I grieve

’twas not from thorns sweat of brow or battle fierce they fled

when strength proved not enough did they make haste to leave


love grows roses without thorns gives to eat from any tree

a fountain there bursts forth with life and we shall thirst no more

love not strength brings this to pass.


Will you stay with me?”



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